Marilyn A. Bennett, MA, MS

Title: Owner, Consultant

Company: Next Step Global Consulting

Location: Eureka, CA

Marilyn A. Bennett, MA, MS is the owner and a consultant at Next Step Global Consulting, a consultancy that provides a wide range of services in recreation, disaster preparedness, life coaching and organizational leadership for parents and children. Dr. Bennett has traveled extensively to different places, and while her interaction with different cultures has made her a better educator, her experience has made her a better teacher and person. An expert researcher, Dr. Bennett is responsible for conducting research, overseeing the development of manuals, working with county officers, consulting, teaching special education, and organizing physical education programs for children. She finds the most gratifying aspect of her career is working with students and solving their problems. For her work, Dr. Bennett has earned the Eudora Welty Memorial Award from The American Red Cross and Volunteer of the Year Award from the American Heart Association. She has 40 years of experience to her name and attributes her professional success to her education, her passion for her profession, her organizational and leadership skills, and the support she receives from her parents. Looking toward the future, Dr. Bennett, a certified mediator, hopes to continue providing consulting services and making presentations on mediation.

Contact Marilyn A. Bennett, MA, MS 

Marilyn A. Bennett

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