Teresa Garvin

Title: President

Company: Clean Impressions Corp.

Location: Palatine, IL

Palatine, IL, May 18, 2015, Teresa E. Garvin, President of Clean Impressions Corp., has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievement and leadership in janitorial services.

After moving from Poland to Chicago, Ms. Garvin wanted to find a profession that would enable her to use her bilingual abilities. She spent several years learning about the business world in America, and launched, grew and sold multiple businesses.  In 1997, Ms. Garvin established Clean Impressions Corp.

The janitorial company, which offers a wide range of cleaning services for offices and commercial spaces, will handle daily, weekly or monthly routine services, as well as heavy-duty cleaning and emergency cleanups. Clean Impressions Corp. also provides specialty services, including upholstery cleaning, pressure washing, elevator cleaning, and window washing.

Ms. Garvin prides herself on her excellent customer service and was able to grow the company from $0 to $850,000 in yearly revenue in the first two years of operation. The company received ample recognition by word-of-mouth references and has continued to expand over the years.  For the second consecutive year, the business was awarded Best in Industry by the U.S. Commerce Association. Ms. Garvin attributes her success to the natural practices of law. She believes that in anything you do position yourself as an expert and you will be successful. Ms. Garvin also had a good mentor and she advises young professionals to get a good mentor and hold onto them, as well as listen to them; find someone you admire and take their advice.

Contact Teresa Garvin

Teresa E. Garvin

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