Jan Neubauer

Jan Neubauer 1865887Title: Sole Proprietor

Company: Strategic Marketing and Market Research

Location: Naples, FL

Jan Neubauer established Strategic Marketing and Market Research more than a decade ago because she understood that clients need to rely on consultants who have had diverse business experience. She wanted to take on a leadership role for diverse industries and not be caught stagnantly working in just one category. Ms. Neubauer’s company gives her the flexibility to work with a wide range of clients while providing them with a full range of services in strategic marketing and market research, as well as professional service in competitive intelligence, category situation assessments, trends impacting category and brand, and strategic business plans. An expert at identifying trends impacting category and brand, Ms. Neubauer works with internal corporate teams crafting marketing plans, competitive intelligence and category situation assessments, stages for new product launches, re-launches, line extensions and brand strategies. She also performs continuation work with strategic marketing or market research, and partners with clients to solve complex business issues. She attributes her success to listening to the advice of her mentors and applying herself to the instruction that she was given. She also credits the fact that she listens to the needs of her clients and their business issues to help better assist them. Moving forward, Ms. Neubauer sees herself still working in consulting and hopes to increase the client base.

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Jan Neubauer

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