Lisa Donato-O’Keefe

Lisa Donato-O'Keefe 1526449Title: Owner, President

Company: LDO Designs

Location: Old Bridge, NJ

Ms. Donato-O’Keefe has 25 years of experience in the retail and import markets with a focus on the home. She was once an accomplished buyer in home retail, gifts and decor areas for Macy’s and Linens ‘n Things. She decided to continue advancing her skills by working within the import field, specifically in product development, sales and marketing. While working in the import field, and growing her own family, Ms. Donato-O’Keefe realized there was a niche to be developed in children’s accessories and furniture. Using her creative talents and importing skills and value-added perspective in mind, she has successfully created a unique opportunity in the global market. Her company, LDO Designs is a sales and product development company that specializes in accessories and furniture. Well respected in her field, Ms. Donato-O’Keefe spends her days developing products for children’s accessories, home accents, furniture, storage and pets, working in key account sales, and marketing for her import company. She takes great pride in bringing value-added merchandise to the floor, and takes the time to add small details that most manufacturers would overlook to save costs. In addition, she understands exactly what consumers are looking to purchase, and she has created a niche for herself in functional, stylish designs. Ms. Donato-O’Keefe is extremely proud of her success in the business realm and attributes that success to her passion for what she does and knowing the marketplace. Moving forward, Ms. Donato-O’Keefe hopes to expand the business and manage product distribution through a warehouse. 

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Lisa Donato-O'Keefe

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