Harriet Beach

Title: Sole Proprietor

Company: Coastal Appraisal Services

Location: Marblehead, MA

Harriet Beach is the owner of Coastal Appraisal Services, a real estate appraisal firm that offers clients in the Massachusetts area affordable and accurate appraisal services. Ms. Beach started her career 32 years ago as a real estate broker. Over the years, she steadily worked her way up the ranks, and found her niche in real estate appraisals. Ms. Beach is recognized for her expertise in real estate, probate and antique appraisals, and spends her days researching and collecting data for appraisals, inspecting properties, capturing photographs, appraising antiques, and conducting appraisals for high-end properties. She is a certified residential appraiser through the Federal Housing Administration and attributes her success to her experience, personality and the referrals she receives from real estate brokers, agents and clients. Moving forward, Ms. Beach would like to expand her business.

Contact Harriet Beach 

Harriet Beach

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