Kathy M. Clark

Kathy Clark 1682591Title: Owner

Company: Seminole Sanitation Service, Inc.

Location: Donalsonville, GA

Kathy M. Clark is the owner of Seminole Sanitation Service, Inc., a sanitation and waste removal company that provides top-notch, reliable and safe sanitation services to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers. Ms. Clark has 22 years of experience in the field and first got interested in diesel mechanics and management working as a manager over an outdoor equipment company. Her husband originally owned the company, but after he passed away, Ms. Clark decided to continue to run the company as he did. Well respected for her communications skills, as well as her knowledge of waste removal and sanitation services, she spends her days overseeing daily business operations, making bids, and ensuring customers are satisfied with services. Ms. Clark has watched the company continue to grow, and is particularly proud of expanding the company digitally to help bring Seminole Sanitation’s customer service into the modern world. She looks to continue building on her husband’s legacy through expanding the company while also gaining recognition for her business savvy. “This is a very hard business, but as my Husband always said ‘Garbage never quits,'” she stated. “Hopefully I won’t either and I can continue to operate the company till my children can take my place.”

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Kathy M. Clark

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