William Hammers

William Hammers 970871Title: Owner, Recordist

Company: Altissimo Recording Studio

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

William C. Hammers is the owner of Altissimo Recording Studio, which offers clients services in audio recording, video editing, and media conversion of LPs, reels, cassettes, 8-track, and DAT to CDs, as well as beta, VHS, camcorder, mini DV, and PAL-DVD to DVD or Blu-ray. Mr. Hammers found his love for music at an early age. He performed in dance bands since the age of 13, playing eight instruments, and has several compositions copyrighted. At the age of 22, his performance career ended because of an industrial accident. In 1984, technology started developing to synthesize instrument sounds to the point that he can now compose and perform pieces for entire orchestras and choruses via virtual instruments. Mr. Hammers’ recording studio has now done work for clients all over the world. Additionally, he has written, produced and recorded music for several years, and worked Steven Staryk on the 30-CD anthology of his career, which he considers the highlight of his career. Mr. Hammers takes great pride in working with artists who express themselves through music. He attributes his success to his own musicianship, which has given him an advantage in the engineering aspect as he can hear the recording with a musician’s ear. In the future, Mr. Hammers hopes to complete writing “Missa Vitae – A Mass of Life,” wherein each part represents some aspect of life. Additionally, with Mr. Hammers’ experience in jazz studies, arranging, and counseling, he is interested in working with film directors and doing film scoring. Using his library of thousands of virtual instruments, he can produce music for just about anything, including full orchestra and choir.

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William C. Hammers

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