Gia Carrozzi

Title: Sawmill Owner, Operator

Company: True Cut Custom Milling LLC

Location: McKinleyville, CA

Gia Carrozzi entered the industry more than two decades ago. She was inspired to follow this career path by her father was a master carpenter. She has pictures of helping him build a shelf at age 3. In 1996, Ms. Carrozzi established True Cut Custom Milling LLC, a milling company that offers custom milling services, specialty timber, especially large, very high quality pieces, such as $3 million worth of massive redwood beams. Ms. Carrozzi is the proud owner of five different portable saw mills. An expert at consulting on types of timber and milling, she is responsible for predominantly milling old redwood, and making custom lumber, slabs and timbers. Ms. Carrozzi has also taught hundreds of people how to run mills. She has garnered a stellar reputation for her work, and has been featured in various magazines and has given numerous seminars.

Contact Gia Carrozzi

Gia Carrozzi

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