H. Chris Sparks, Sr.

H. Sparks 872133Title: 1) Owner 2) Partner

Company: 1) HC Sparks Company 2) Fax Tax Group

Location: Shelbyville, TN

Chris Sparks, Sr. is the owner of HC Sparks Company and partner at Fax Tax Group. Mr. Sparks has 25 years of professional experience and is recognized for his tax preparation services. In his roles, he assists individuals and small businesses, handles accounting and bookkeeping, conducts audits for company accounts, prepares financial statements and tax returns, reports for non-governmental and nonprofit organizations, and consults for clients. A certified public accountant, Mr. Sparks takes great pride in his career and in his ability to assist his clients to save their money. He attributes his success to his religious faith. Looking toward the future, Mr. Sparks would like to expand his company.

Contact H. Chris Sparks, Sr. 

H. Chris Sparks, Sr.

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