Loek Koene

Koene, Loek 1432866Company:
1) Koene Consultancy
2) FloatroomsUSA
3) Float Center Shiloh

Title: Owner

Location: Belleville, IL

With three decades of overall professional experience, Mr. Koene has worked for several different companies and has held responsibility for budgets ranging from several millions of dollars to more than $100 million. He has cultivated his talents in team building and production efficiency, and become appreciated for his determination and communication skills. Mr. Koene currently applies his experience and expertise at the helm of three companies. He is the owner of Koene Consultancy, a trusted provider of operations management and change management consulting for medium-sized businesses. He also owns FloatroomsUSA and Float Center Shiloh, both of which operate saltwater float roams that are utilized for relaxation purposes. Mr. Koene, who holds a master’s equivalency degree in communication with a minor in economics from The Hague University, aims for continued success with these companies in the coming years.

Contact Loek Koene

Koene, Loek 1432866

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