Robert V. Peters

Peters, Robert 1828572.jpgTitle: President

Company: R Peters Consulting LLC

Location: Fort Gratiot, MI

Fort Gratiot, MI, January 27, 2016, Robert V. Peters, President of R. Peters Consulting LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievement and leadership in business development.

Mr. Peters has always been interested in how things are made, which is why he spent the majority of his career in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries.  He has a lot of experience starting businesses from the ground up and making them number one in quality and profitability. Mr. Peters founded R. Peters Consulting LLC to help others with business strategies, development and operations. The consultancy’s goal is to provide a framework that guides the identification of problems and serves as the basis of recommendations for more effective and efficient ways to improve performance.

The highlight of Mr. Peters’ career was the work he did for the aerospace industry, including the V22 Ospray Program. Furthermore, he is mentioned in a book written by Daniel H. Herring: “Vacuum Heat Treatment.” Mr. Peters is responsible for bringing acetylene (C2H2) and DMF solvent acetylene into the automotive and aerospace vacuum heat treatment industries in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. The keys to his success are teamwork, quality, and his ability to teach others how to be successful. Mr. Peters earned a business degree from Tarrant County College, Moorpark College and UCLA. He also has a certificate in hazardous waste management from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and was certified in KT problem solving by Kepner-Tregoe. In the coming years, Mr. Peters plans to teach the younger generation and continue to help companies turn their businesses around.

Contact Robert V. Peters

Peters, Robert 1828572

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