Clyde Schimke

Schimke, Clyde 489355Title: Owner, Inventor

Company: Schimke Design

Location: Port Charlotte, FL

Port Charlotte, FL, April 29, 2016, Clyde Schimke, Owner and Inventor of Schimke Design, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in conceptual invention.

Mr. Schimke saw a need for a new type of puff tube while working as a hospital maintenance engineer for 21 years. Mr. Schimke noticed puff tubes were used to change television channels and to call nurses, but were not present in hospital beds. From there, he designed the product and applied for a patent. The benefits of this invention results in taking up less space in a hospital bed. As Mr. Schmike explains, “The puff tube takes less air pressure to blow on than a blow tube, this control will operate the bed, it raises and lowers the head and foot of bed. This is positioned to the side of the bed so quadriplegics can make themselves more comfortable without having to call for help when they get uncomfortable.”

For 21 years, Mr. Schimke has provided maintenance of all facility machinery for Fawcett Memorial Hospital. He works the night shift and ensures everything at the hospital runs properly. It is with his insight that he noticed the lack of puff tubes used in hospital beds. Presently, he is working on locking down a manufacturer to produce the product on a mass scale. Mr. Schimke knows his product has the potential to allow patients to feel a little less dependent on their caregivers and boost their self-esteem as well.

In the coming years, Mr. Schimke plans to continue inventing new products. Starting his company, Schimke Designs, he endeavors to continue fulfilling needs. He has specialization in working on AC, electrical and plumbing problems. He manages operations and contributes to the maintenance-engineering field. His ability to solve problems is the reason he continues to invent. In addition, he has always enjoyed helping others and feels his empathy has served him in this endeavor.

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Schimke, Clyde 489355

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