Earl F. Griffith

Title: Geologist

Company: Griffith Environmental Consulting Inc.

Location: Helena, MT

Helena, MT, September 9, 2016, Earl Griffith, Geologist at Griffith Environmental Consulting Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in geology consulting.

Mr. Griffith has contributed as a geologist for several decades. He brings his experience in the field to his latest venture, running his own environmental consulting firm. Committed to providing services that revolve around soil, hydrogeology, remediation, groundwater exploration, civil engineering and sampling, his clients are in reliable hands. As a consultant, he conducts environmental site assessments, groundwater investigations, mine closure oversight and reclamation, as well as inspections of fuel-contaminated soil.

To prepare for a career in geology, Mr. Griffith attended Montana State University-Bozeman, where he earned a Master of Science in Earth science and geology in 1981. During his time at the university, Mr. Griffith significantly studied soil and range science, civil engineering and hydrogeology. These topics have helped further his career. Looking toward the future, Mr. Griffith endeavors to continue growing his firm and consulting services with the intention of providing more to companies and people who seek his expertise.

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