James P. Ingham

Ingham, James 1746972.jpgTitle: Entrepreneur, Owner, Inventor

Company: Little Giant Refuse Equipment, L.L.C.

Location: Mesa, AZ

Website: http://www.lgrellc.com

Mesa, AZ, April 15, 2016, James Ingham, Entrepreneur, inventor and founder of Little Refuse Equipment LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for his achievements, dedication and leadership in the recreational and leisure refuse industry.

For 38 years, Mr. Ingham has worked in the public arena, creating parks and trail systems for the City of Scottsdale. During his tenure, he witnessed inefficiencies in trash removal from recreational areas. “Across the board, there were areas that were riddled with physical redundancies, on-the-job accidents and little equipment appropriate for the work that needed to be done,” he says, adding that he took the opportunity to make a true impact not only on his community, but in communities across the county. Thus, Mr. Ingham created the micro mobile refuses technology transfer system (MMRTTS), a mechanical application specifically designed to automate leisure refuse collection. This innovation brings together a combination of engineered components on a small powerful and maneuverability mobile platform with the technology to automate leisure trash collation. “The idea here is to create new ideas and technologies that improve on past ideas and push the fringe of what is possible,” Mr. Ingham says.

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Edward G. Bedard

Edward G. BedardTitle: General Partner (Retired)

Company: Bedard Family LP

Location: Northfield, NH, United States

Laconia, NH, April 12, 2016, Edward G. Bedard, Retired General Partner of Bedard Family LP, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for his achievements and leadership in real estate.

With a pronounced background in residential real estate, Mr. Bedard skillfully and capably oversees the design, development, construction, rental and maintenance of residential properties. He has amassed nearly six decades of professional experience, and attributes his success to his honesty, hard work and love of Jesus Christ. Mr. Bedard’s agency owns and operates 12 buildings. He and his wife, Linda, are both ministers at the Holy Eucharist Church. Continue reading

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Robert Whitaker

Whitaker, Robert 1968249Title: Professional Contract Painter

Company: Grasshopper Painting LLC

Location: Denver, CO

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Marty Shem Robbins

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Shem Properties, Inc.

Location: Orem, UT

Marty Shem Robbins, Chief Executive Officer of Shem Properties, Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Executives, for dedication, achievement and leadership in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Mr. Robbins has 34 years of professional experience, with four years as the CEO of Shem Properties, Inc., specializing in business management. On a daily basis, he is responsible for managing all operations of his business, while refurbishing homes, managing investments, selling real estate, and advising clients on purchases. Continue reading

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MaryBeth Carroll

Carroll, MaryBeth 1724632.jpgTitle: Owner

Company: CVM Transcription Services, LLC

Location: Magnolia, NJ

Magnolia, NJ, March 4, 2016, MaryBeth Carroll, Owner of CVM Transcription Services, LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in digital, medical and legal transcription.

A woman of many talents, Ms. Carroll owes her success to her hard work and drive, as well as her team of dedicated and hard-working individuals. Now a successful owner of a medical transcription services company, she initially conceptualized the business following her many years of experience in the mortgage industry, where she assisted a multitude of real estate offices and new construction accounts. Specializing in mortgage loan applications, Ms. Carroll was no stranger to the need for some form of transcription services in a wide variety of industries. Upon realizing that there was a dire need for her skills in the medical field, she founded CVM Transcription Services, LLC. Continue reading

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Kelvin Caban

Caban, Kelvin 1940128Title: Independent Consultant

Company: LVirtuaX

Location: Mayaguez, PR

 Mayaguez, PR, February 29, 2016, Kelvin Caban, Independent Consultant for LVirtuaX, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in communication consulting.

For nearly two decades, Mr. Caban has been running his company, LVirtuax. His goals as an independent consultant surround connecting the entertainment world as a global society. Alongside his other business venture, Fuerzas Estadistas, he combines his expertise in engineering and technology to overcome obstacles and difficulties. Continue reading

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Marilyn L. Lehmann

Lehmann, Marilyn 961384.jpgTitle: Owner

Company: Tools for Independent Living LLC

Location: Bellevue, WA

Bellevue, WA, February 24, 2016, Marilyn L. Lehmann, Owner of Tools for Independent Living LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in business management.

Prior to founding Tools for Independent Living LLC, Ms. Lehmann worked in the data systems industry for 23 years. Although she chose to retire due to an illness, she was ultimately inspired to pursue an entirely different business venture. As an individual living with multiple sclerosis, she knows better than anyone how difficult it can be to find the right tools for independent living. Driven by her own personal experiences, Ms. Lehmann set out to create a business that would provide customers with the best daily living aids available on the market at an affordable price. As the owner of the company, she surfs the Web to find the best sales and new products for her customers. Additionally, she stays connected with the community and performs independent living services. Continue reading

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Angie M. Larson

Larson, Angie 1827654.jpgTitle: Owner

Company: Larson Drapery & Blinds LLC

Location: Canton, SD

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Lewis F. Colquitt

Title: Owner

Company: Lewie’s Professional Grooming

Location: Springfield, VA

Springfield, VA, February 11, 2016, Lewis F. Colquitt, Owner of Lewie’s Professional Grooming, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners, for dedication, achievement and leadership in mobile pet grooming.

For an animal lover like Lewis F. Colquitt, there is no better job than working as a mobile pet groomer. Shortly after becoming a certified groomer through the Virginia Pet School of Grooming, Mr. Colquitt established his own mobile pet grooming business: Lewie’s Professional Grooming. Since 2003, he has handled all aspects of the business, which includes providing grooming and washing services for dogs, and contacting clients to schedule future appointments. Prospective customers can find more information about the services offered by Lewie’s Professional Grooming by visiting www.lewiesprofessionalgrooming.com.

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Cody James Schueler

Schueler, Cody 1726763.jpg

Title: Founder- President-CEO – Owner

Company: 1) High Rev Applications LLC 2) Flying Squirrel Sports 3) Sky High Sports

Location: San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA, January 28, 2016, Cody James Schueler, Founder of High Rev Applications and Flying Squirrel Sports  has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievement and leadership in new business development.

Mr. Schueler is an aggressively motivated entrepreneur at heart. He holds ownership of multiple businesses, and attributes his success to his faith and his family. Mr. Schueler’s newest business, High Rev Applications, is a company that offers custom native business  mobile application development. Empowering their customers with a custom native mobile application experience. Their custom iOS and Android mobile applications are developed and in the app store in weeks instead of 6-12 months. Guaranteed to boost  revenue with their  ROI-generating features.  Every day, more and more businesses and organizations are trying to unleash their mobile potential. Despite these changes, businesses are struggling on building fundamental technologies that will not only keep doors open but increase annual revenues up to 50%. High Rev Application’s mission is to help business owners connect directly to their consumers using the latest technology standards.  Continue reading

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